Rare was never meant to be like any other magazines, it was constructed to be a visual instrument that will inspire fashion designers from around the world, to have a publication that will fully showcase their creative talents with other who are as inimitable as themselves, that presents rare originality. RARE is not a basic magazine but a collector’s item that is formulated  with special ingredients to reserve the Artist’s authenticity. 

RARE is not dependent or affiliated with any commercialized advertisement companies or recognized brands; RARE depends on the submission created by the artist, purely free from commercializing products. 

RARE accept submission from Photographers' fashion editorials, Designers, Beauty, Entertainers; Actors, Dancers and Recording Artists, but not limited to Fine Arts, Architect, Fine Cuisines or unique lifestyle motivating stories. 

What makes distinctive? RARE  doesn’t clutters its’ front covers or pages with headings and graphics; all credits are written in the  beginning heading of the opening editorials, allowing the readers to focus on the art and enjoy its’ beautiful full bleed images. 

RARE is a growing international publication circulating in other counties such Canada, Africa, Paris, Germany, Australia, Philippines, and  other areas of the Europeans.  The quarterly publication is order online from a high-end lustrous luminous stock paper material that give RARE that exceptional quality.